Healed By Faith, Inc. - Abundant peace and security. -Jeremiah 33:6
Strengthen the leader in you! Healed By Faith, Inc. offers leadership and team building through faith based initiatives. Please contact us to book a workshop for your business, church, ministry, or group.


Bring an academy to your organization or community.

Participate in an eight week program that will embark them on a new beginning. The academy will provide journals, materials, meals and the hope of a bond between the youth that will follow them into adulthood.


Journaling For Life
Write your way out. Learn the benefits of journaling. Be released from mental captivity through written expression.
Journaling for Life youth academy
T.E.A.M - Train Employees and Motivate Workshop
Increase company morale and productivity through this leadership and team building workshop designed to engage your leadership team and employees to work together towards the common goal. Grow your group in effective communication, honesty, integrity, conflict resolution, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
Listen, Write, Speak - Writing Workshop
Our gifts are not for us, they were given to us by God for the benefit of others. In our gifts we must learn how to listen, write and speak effectively to convey the message we've been given.
Faith in the Workplace - Leadership Workshop
We will lead more to Christ by our walk than our talk. But our talk is relevant too, for our talk must line up with our walk. Folk are watching you to see how you handle what they can't seem to bear.
I Was Created To Worship - Praise and Worship Workshop
Praise and worship is about more than music and songs. Praise and worship is about more than a slow song or a fast paced song. Praise and worship is about more than psalmists and locations. Praise and worship is about relationship and adoration.
WOW - Women of Worship Workshop
Connecting women in worship through unity. It's time to come together in fellowship celebrating the uniqueness, beauty, elegance and genuine love of our sisters. It's time to be WOW Women!
Aspire to Inspire - Writing Workshop
For aspiring authors...grow the writer in you. Explore writing styles. Review manuscripts and concepts. Creating a synopsis that sells your book.
Kingdom Marriage Ministry
Kingdom Marriage Ministry aspires to strengthen each person individually and guide them in the Word of God that will sustain and provide them with the solid foundation necessary to develop and encourage collective maturity.


He Wants It All
Forever Jones
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